Lunar Silver Star Story Touch


The return of a classic role-playing game


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Lunar Silver Star Story Touch is a classic role-playing game featuring Alex, a young man of humble origins who, thanks to the forces of destiny, must become a new hero to save the world from disaster.

In this adventure you'll find all of the elements of traditional role-playing games you may remember on the Super Nintendo or Playstation. It has a long, complex story that brings you along hundreds of locations, with tons of enemies waiting to finish you off, a fun, turn-based combat system, and more than an hour of video cutscenes.

All of that has been perfectly adapted for touchscreen iOS devices, with an intuitive system that allows you to perform any action without fail. It practically plays as though you were using a handheld controller.

Lunar Silver Star Story Touch is a fun JRPG that not only has a good story and traditional combat system, but also all the flavor of retro games from the 90s, now condensed to fit your iOS device.
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